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The global liberalisation and integration of financial markets has created new investment opportunities, which in turn require the development of new instruments that are more efficient to deal with the increased risks.

The most desired instruments that allow market participants to manage risk in the modern securities trading are known as derivatives.

Derivatives are financial contracts whose value/price is dependent on the behavior of the price of one or more basic underlying assets. These assets can be a share, index, interest rate, bond, rupee dollar exchange rate, sugar, crude oil, soybeans, cotton, coffee and what you have.

The main logic behind the derivatives trading is that derivatives reduce the risk by providing an additional channel to invest with lower trading cost and it facilitates the investors to extend their settlement through the future contracts. It provides extra liquidity in the stock market.

Derivative products like futures and options on Indian stock markets have become important instruments of price discovery, portfolio diversification and risk hedging in recent times.

Considering the advantages and larger concentration of market participants in derivatives market, We at Chandrakala Broking Services Pvt. Ltd. facilitate our clients with

flawless trading mechanism in derivatives segment. Futures and Options both the products of derivatives segment are available.

We are also the Trading Member of Bombay Stock Exchange for the BSE Derivatives segment. To facilitate trading mechanism of NSE Derivatives segment we are associated with Hem Group with their company named as Hem Finlease Pvt. Ltd.

Chandrakala family will leave no stone unturned to deliver trustworthy services.


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